Monday, June 28, 2010


"Summertime is finally here
That old ballpark, man, is back in gear
Out on 49
Man I can see the lights
School's out and the nights roll in,
Man like a long lost friend you aint seen in a while,
You can't help but smile."

Hello everyone!! Yay for summer! It's finally starting to warm up and i serioulsy can't get enough of it. This summer has been so relaxing so far, and man it's FLYING by! I seriously wish I could stop time. Summer is the greatest thing ever.

Last weekend our ward had a camp out. It was so much fun! I just love our ward. Everyone is so nice and we just love it here. I can't believe I am actually saying that I love Idaho. Every time I tell someone from HS or college that i live here, they're shocked. haha. I'll admit it. I wasn't too excited to move to Rexburg at first. Far away from family, small town, no friends. Well I'm happy to say that my opinon has totally changed, and I love it here! I love the small town, the people, my job, our ward, my fun new friends, it's all just so great. I love where we are right now in our life. Every day is a new adventure, and life couldn't be better.

Here are a few pictures of what we have been up to lately....

The other day, we had a bunch of friends over for dessert
and Matt got talking about how he has been doing lifefight.
I made fun of him the first time I saw him all dressed up,
he just looked so silly! So everyone wanted to see what
it looked like, so he went and tried it on. Man, i love watching
his face light up when he gets in "character". It's like my five
year old nephew who thinks he turns into Spiderman when he
puts his spiderman PJ's on. It's just so cute, I just had
to take a pic. Note his expression. He couldn't be
more pleased with himself! :)

Our friends Joel and Brittany and us
brushing our teeth by the campfire!!

roasting away!!!!

Matt taking me on our hourly bathroom trips. good thing he came prepared with all his lights!! haha

a turtle we found at the camp out!!

some of the boys..

some of the girls...

i just love these gals!

so a bunch of girls in the ward have been getting together Monday nights for the Bachelorette. I didn't ever watch it, but it was so fun just to get together and have a girls night. Well, now that I have been watching for a few weeks, I'm hooked. It's so fun to get together and just have girl time. I love these girls! We have so much fun together. :)
Anyway, that's what we've been up to. Life is good.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Happy 83rd Birthday!!

Today was a fun day. We started out by having a bridal shower at my mom's house for my cute cousin who is getting married next month. Then we were off to Brigham City to go out to eat at Matt's grandma's favorite resturant-Maddox. It was delicious! We had a lot of fun celebrating with the whole family and really enjoyed visiting with everyone.
LUCK. This next portion of my post is going to be about LUCK. Today as Matt and I are driving home from his parents house something happened. I had accidently left some boxed food (leftovers from lunch) on the trunk of my car. We had driven a little ways down the road before we noticed it, and as soon as we did and we were stopped, Matt jumped out of the car to get it off the trunk. Well, we get back to my house and all of the sudden Matt can't find his cell phone. He called it from my phone, checked the car, called his parents for them to check the car, I called the resturant AND the gas station we had stopped at...and it was no where to be found. As we re-traced our steps I had a gut wrenching feeling that the phone had fallen off his lap (because he tends to keep the phone on his lap -not in his pocket which would have been much smarter) and was lying broken in the middle of the road. I kept calling it and calling it and everytime it would ring just like normal and go to the answering machine. I knew it had to be on and not broken becasue if it was it'd just go straight to the answering machine. So, an hour or so has passed and still no luck. So we decide to drive back to his parents house to see if we can find it. As we came to the corner where matt had jumped out for the food earlier i saw a little black thing in the road. NO WAY that could be his phone, right? WRONG! I was calling his phone at that moment and lo and behold there it was: RINGING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD!! I jumped out of the car and ran across the road (probably not smart, but I couldn't help it) and gave the phone a big bear hug. I really wasn't looking forward to buying another phone. It's amazing that it was in one piece especially after hanging out in the middle of a busy road for an hour. It had a couple of scratches but it works just like new. Now that's what I call LUCK!
We spent the rest of the night with my parents, and Ben and lisa and audy pop. Dinner and frozen yogert after. We had a lot of fun. I love home. :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Weekend Fun and Classroom Accessories

So lately I've been looking for a chair for my classroom. I was looking online today and found this DARLING rocking chair and went and picked it up tonight. I'm pretty much in love with it. We're just going to keep it in the house until school starts and then I'm going to put it by the rug where I will read to the kids. I think it'll look really cute with my new bookshelf! I'm getting excited for 1st grade!! :)

On Saturday we went to this airplane museum that I didn't even know existed. If you know my dad you know that he is obsessed with anything that flies. When we pulled up to the museum he said he was just going to "run in for a sec." Once again, if you know my dad, that's not possible for him :) So him and Matt went in while my mom and I stayed in the car. We thought that by staying the car they would hurry a bit faster...nope not the case. So we ended up going in and stayed for like 3+ hours until they finally kicked us out. Matt and my dad were in heaven. They got a "special" tour (because my dad somehow finds a way to be best friends with everyone he meets, love him). The tour guide let them sit in the one of the airplanes and it was seriously so funny to see the looks on their faces. They looked like little boys on Christmas morning. Hilarious!!!!!! Here are some pics.

my dad in heaven...

matt in heaven...

in heaven together....

Last weekend my parents came to visit and it was so fun! They came out to my school to see my classroom and surprised me with the cutest bookshelf!! I LOVE it!!! Here are a few pics..

I love how you can see the cover of all of the books. It's perfect for the little ones.

I'm going to turn this corner into the "reading corner" and put cute stuffed animals and maybe a small love sack for the kids to sit in while they read.

We spent the rest of the weekend showing them around good 'ol Rexburg and eating out at our favorite hot spots. It was really good for them to come and see everything up here. I just love my parents!