Sunday, March 4, 2012

36 weeks...getting SO CLOSE!!

36 Weeks!!

Well, I am officially 36 weeks! It is crazy that we will have a little baby girl here with us in less than a month, and I am SO excited to meet her! Things have been going really well throughout my pregnancy. I feel really lucky! I haven't been sick, haven't had heart burn, haven't had an achy back, haven't retained any water ( least!) and have been able to work out the same (well mostly the same) as I did pre-preggo. My first 20 weeks pregnant I gained weight way quicker that I should have. I was so worried that I was going to gain like 60 pounds and be this huge blob. Well, much to my relief, I stopped gaining weight at about 23 weeks and have actually lost weight since then, weird- I know! My doctor doesn't seem too worried about it, and baby keeps growing, so I guess all is well. It's just crazy how different pregnancy is for everyone. Matt kept telling me "everyone is different, don't compare yourself or worry about it." I didn't listen to him, and should have. He was right, and usually is. :) I don't know how I got so lucky with feeling so well during this pregnancy. I keep thinking that I'll get it on one end or another, and that my labor will be just that- LABORIOUS! Let's hope not.

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. I am now going in WEEKLY! EEK! That means things are getting close. I hope my doctor checks me tomorrow to see if there is any progress going on down there. We will see!

My belly literally grows every day, it's crazy! Now when she moves it's not kicks, but rolls and elbows and knees jabbing and making my stomach all lumpy and lopsided. It is so fun to watch. Matt and I just laugh and watch my belly at night. Who knew belly watching could be so entertaining!? I am so curious to see what she'll weigh, how long she'll be, if she'll have hair, who she'll look like...etc. etc. It's such a mystery! I am going to make some predictions and see how close I am:

Weight: 7lbs. 2 oz.
Length: 19 inches
Hair?: Yes, dark.

We will see how close or how totally wrong I am.

I am still working and hope to work up until the day she comes (hopefully my water doesn't break while I'm teaching! My kids would be horrified!) My kids are so cute and are getting so excited. Every day when I give the kids a hug before getting on their bus I have a couple cute little girls that will hug me and then hug my belly. It's so cute. I think working is really good for me. It keeps me busy and makes the days go by a lot quicker. I do wish I had more time for "nesting". I wish I had more time to do motherly things like make quilts or bows or something, but there is just no time in my day! Maybe when I'm not working I'll have more time. I want to get a sewing machine so I can do these things, that would be fun. :) Her nursery is pretty much all set up and we are basically ready for her to come. I still need to pack my hospital bag and a few little details like that, but for the most part we are now just waiting for her to make her big debut!