Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!!

What a fun Christmas break!! We enjoyed our two weeks off in Utah, and it is now very depressing to be back to real life in Idaho. I wasn't ready for my break to be over! However, I missed my kids so much - it was so good to see them again. They were so cute and all excited to tell me all about what Santa brought them. I really have the best job in the world! Here are some pictures of our break and what we were up to.

Happy New Year- THE kiss(es)!

Oh my gosh. Lisa and I were laughing our heads off. She is hilarous. So if you can't tell, we both showed up to my family new year's party wearing not only the same shirt, but the same jeans as well...so of course we had to take lots of silly pictures. Matt and Ben were also matching-they weren't as amused as Lisa and I were, obviously.

Me and my boyfriend.

Lisa bought these awesome hats, so naturally we had to take pictures with them!

Happy New Year!

Strike a pose!! My mom was wearing the same color shirt!!
My mom got the boys matching Jazz sweatshrits and tickects to the Jazz game. We were joking around saying how funny it'd be if they all wore them to the game together. Well, the girls went shopping early that morning, so we didn't see them leave...but, when we got home-sure enough, they all wore them to the game! Cuties.

Shopping and lunch with the girls, a favorite tradation of mine! We have been going shopping the day after Chirstmas for a couple years now, and find THE BEST deals ever!! Lunch at Cheesecake Factory, YUM!!

Christmas Eve....

Reading a Christmas story to the kids.

Cutest little thing!! I can't belive how big she is getting (not physically, but age wise) she is such a little bean...I just love her so much!

Out to dinner Christmas Eve...

We were lucky enough to have Matthew home with us this Christmas. He had to come home from his mission for a bit for medical reasons. Hopefully he will be back to Boston soon!