Friday, August 13, 2010

Provo Half Marathon.

Last Saturday was the Provo Half Marathon. It was so much fun! The run was beautiful. We started out at the top of Provo canyon, and ran down to the riverbottoms. It was so good to have Matt there waiting for me at the finish line! This was the first race where he was there. The other marathons I did when he was on his mission, so he just heard about them through letters. Even though it was just a half, it was so good to see him at the end! :)

Right before I crossed the finish line! 1:57:30 :)

air show....

A couple weeks ago, Matt and I went to the Blue Angels Air Show. Matt was in HEAVEN!!! I was a little skeptical at first... We were there ALL DAY long!! It was SO hot and there were way too many people crowded into one area. The lines for food and water (of coarse they wouldn't let you bring your own) were literally an HOUR long. People were passing out left and right of heat was a little crazy. I was just about ready to die and then the Blue anges came out and rocked my socks. They were amazing. I can't believe some, okay- ALL the things they do. You couldn't pay me enough to do that crazy flying business!! It ended up to be a lot of fun! Here are some pictures.

high class white trash. half the reason i go to these kind of events.

pure awesomeness.

We saw Dog the Bounty hunter and his wife Beth..

Something tells me they get their hair done at the same place, what do you think?

Blue Angels... I'll admit it, this whole situation is just a little bit attractive.

Taking off!!!

This was one of my favorite tricks they did!